AMR-D13 Extraterrestrial Exosuit


Twin AMR-B05 Assault Rifles, twin AMR-B21 Arc Generators, twin shoulder-mounted multi-missile lauchers, and telekinetic object deflector

Small Arms

Leg Shields


High-tone satin black with orange stripes and Prawn markings


District 9

External Tools

AI Manual Programming, auto-targeting, electro-prod, and long-distance voice recorder


Weta Workshop



Vulnerable to

20mm Mechem NTW-20 sniper rifle fire, RPG-7 rockets


Roughly that of a Prawn

The AMR-D13 Extraterrestrial Exo-Suit is a mechanized exoskeleton that is a heavily armoured and armed device used by the Prawns. It is a complex piece of machinery and also a key piece of Nigerian crime lord Obesandjo's stash of Prawn weapons, despite the fact that the weapons only work with Prawn DNA.

Basic OperationEdit

The Exosuit's "cockpit" is located in the "chest" cavity of the machine. The operator gets in the suit, enters the head cradle, and activates the 3D heads-up-display. The operator of course has control over all of the tools and weapons and see everything via a physical heads-up-display. The suit was most likely used on the Prawns' home planet as a security drone and construction worker. The suit can also activate it's AI auto-pilot system to fend off enemies and open the cockpit and offer itself to the Prawn.


This thing is a walking tank is every literal sense. The arnaments begin with an assault rifle mouted on top of each wrist. On the bottom of each is an ARC Gun variant of some sort. The suit has a retractable missile laucher on each shoulder set up in which the actual missile laucher part is set in a honeycomb structure, which means that the missiles are small but deadly. Exosuits have a paralysis electro-pod which releases a pod with a five-second ticker that causes immediate brain damage then a violent head explosion. A smart telekinetic device in the suit causes an electromagnetic field that suspends the objects of the enemies and throws them back. The suit also has leg shields.