AMP Suit
Amplified Mobility Platform


Mistibushi MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform


  • GAU-90 30mm autocannon
  • AMP Suit Knife
  • BushBoss FD-11 Flamethrower

Engine type

6849-RLF gas turbine engine

The Mitsubishi MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform (or "AMP" Suit) is a distant descendant of the first military exoskeletons used on Earth in the mid 21st century. It was improved during military service in a myriad of combat theaters– from arctic to jungle to desert– over the decades. Sealed and pressurized models for toxic environments were developed as well. The suit is used extensively on the Moon and Mars colonies (where they are powered by fuel cells and/or monopropellant ceramic turbines). Its well-tested capabilities have proved invaluable in the deadly environment of Pandora. The Na'vi name for it roughly translates as "shield that walks" or "not-demon walking".


The human-operated multi-purpose machine amplifies the strength and mobility of a soldier or civilian worker while providing protection from military and environmental threats. Unlike earlier designs in which weapons were integrated into limbs, the AMP suit is a multi-purpose machine, able to duplicate all functions of the infantry soldier. Since soldiers spend much of their time loading and unloading equipment, and performing other tasks besides operating weapons, it was determined that the AMP suit needed the same functionality as a human: two legs, two arms, and highly dexterous hands. This allows not only a wide range of functions, but allows the suit to operate a variety of weapons systems.

Arms operate in a directly scaled relationship to the operator’s arms, which allows better spatial positioning of the hands. The fingers and thumb are in direct 1:1 ratio. The servo armature has force feedback, and resists the movement of the operator’s arms when the suit's limbs meet an obstacle. The operator can "feel" what the suit is doing. It is said that the suit can be operated in full darkness, by a skilled driver, by "feel" alone. The legs are actuated by foot-pedals which amplify on an even larger ratio. In fact the leg sensors work slightly differently than the arms. Due to the confining spatial envelope around the feet and legs of the operator, the pedals cannot move in long strides, even on a scaled relationship. Instead, they sense the force and direction of the input and the on board computer triggers a corresponding programmed movement of the legs. So

AMP Suits in advancing in battle on Pandora.

the operator creates pressure and direction "cues" which trigger leg movements. The suit executes the "intention" of the pilot, calculating terrain factors and momentum to perform balanced movement.While an average pilot can learn to manipulate the AMP suit in combat conditions, it takes months long();}});er to master the transition from supine to an upright position. However, though the use of gyroscopes and stability chips, AMP suits rarely topple. Auto stability programming maintains center of balance. If the operator happens to be injured or killed, the AMP suit has an automated "walk back" feature. This was developed to protect the AMP suit, as it is a significant investment to the RDA.

Using the suit, a driver is able to punch through a tree trunk, lift a half ton cargo crate, or rapidly build prefab units without a construction crew.


AMP suits are seen in many parts of the movie, where they are assigned mainly to base defense and patrol duties. Jake Sully is assigned to Col. Quaritch and finds him at the hangar ready to enter his AMP Suit.

In the Assault on the Tree of Souls, Col. Quaritch's soldiers used small arms and 30mm cannon-armed AMP suits to cut down the Na'vi warriors and their direhorse mounts,
Almost Over
but were unable to kill the near-bulletproof Hammerhead Titanotheres as they charged, wiping out the entire AMP suit complement. Lyle Wainfleet was one of the RDA soldiers killed while in his AMP suit.

When Jake Sully damaged Quaritch's Dragon Assault Ship (during the final battle), Quaritch escaped in his AMP suit. During his journey alone to destroy the Tree of Souls he came across Jake's avatar link unit. He attempted to destroy Jake's human body but was challenged by Neytiri, riding a Thanator, and later Jake (in his avatar form). With his AMP Suit's rifle destroyed, Quaritch unsheathed the suit's combat knife and killed the Thanator, trapping Neytiri under its lifeless body. Interrupted by Jake in turn, Quaritch eventually defeated her rescuer when he breached the link pod, exposing Jake's sleeping body to the toxic atmosphere. Ready to kill Jake's Avatar with his own Na'vi knife, Quaritch died when Neytiri shot two arrows into his exposed torso. The suit was largely unharmed, aside from damaged sensors, pilot seat, and canopy.


Unlike more exotic military designs in which weapons were integrated into the limbs, the AMP suit is a multi-purpose machine, able to mimic all the abilities of the infantry soldier. This allows a wide range of functions, including the ability to operate a variety of weapons systems.

The suit's weapons are even more lethal than its raw strength. The suit tends to be heavily armored and can be armed with a huge hip-fired GAU-90 30mm autocannon.

The other non-standard weapon is a combat knife of self-sharpening diamond-hard ceramic, as well as an optional BushBoss FD-11 flamethrower. To match the scale of the suit, the knife's blade is over three feet long and cuts through many metals. The AMP Suit Knife is especially favored by Special Forces AMP pilots.

Resources Development Administration Classified Activist Guide NotesEdit

What follows is a hand written note from an activist determined to show others how to defend against RDA control.

"Even with gyros and stability chips, its easier to knock down than they let on. A length of wire cable properly placed does the trick. Cannons ammo feed line has been known to jam."

AMP-11 (Beyond Glory)Edit

Showoff Flex

Colonel Quaritch demonstrating a flex movement in his AMP Suit to Jake Sully on their very first meeting.

Quaritch has demonstrated superior piloting skills in his AMP suit. Quaritch had nicknamed his suit "Beyond Glory" and had painted a dragon on the gun's gas barrel, consistent with his callsign, "Papa Dragon".


Amplified Mobility Platform (Mattel, 2009)

AMP Figure

Mattel stock image of the AMP Suit toy.

The AMP Suit toy is the official action figure of the suit developed by Mattel and is clearly the Beyond Glory, because of the "11" serial manufactuering number seen on the suit in the film. Also, it comes with a projectile-firing GAU-90 that very loosely fits in the suit's grip. The GAU-90 is complete with an ammo belt. There are also 13 articulation points and an AMP Suit Knife. There is also a closing cockpit.