Alt Mode

Chevrolet Beat/Ice Cream Truck


Mudflap, Autobots, NEST




Twin fusion cannons used only once and mounted on left wrist


Skids has an oversized right arm, while Mudflap has an oversized left arm.


1.2 metric tonnes


11 foot and 4 inches high

The dopey-looking Skids spends a lot of his time arguing with his twin brother Mudflap and trying to outdo him in crazy stunts, while all beleiving he's the responsible, level-headed one. Skids is 11 feet tall and 1.2 metric tons. In his own mind, everything dopey and dangerous just makes him a better warrior. He transforms into a Chevrolet Beat. One glourious day, Optimus Prime will notice him! Prime even looking in his direction makes him fall over and babble. Skids' hyper-reactive optical imaging scanner allows him to procees tactical information faster than any Transformer, except Mudflap. He a pain in the aft for any Decepticon who wants to encounter him.

Revenge of the FallenEdit

In Revenge of the Fallen, Sideswipe, Skids, Optimus Prime, Chromia, Arcee, Flareup and Mudflap are sent to Shanghai, China to investigate a toxic spill. In their combined form, Skids and Mudflap tease the Decepticons to come out and two do: Demolishor and Sideways. At the NEST base in Diego Garcia, Skids and Mudflap have a brief wrestling match with each other, with Skids winning. He scans the Chevrolet Beat, while Mudflap has to scan the Chevrolet Trax. Later, the Twins were dispatched to the forest when Optimus Prime had died. They are seen fighting. Later, they traveled and met up with the humans and Bumblebee at a remote location. With help from Decepticon spy Wheelie and former Sector Seven agent Seymour Simmons, Skids, Mudflap, Simmons, Leo, Sam, Bumblebee and Mikela traveled to the Steven Udar F-Hazy Air and Space Museum Annex in Washington D.C. Inside the museum, the group and Wheelie find a Seeker named Jetfire and re-animate him with an Allspark fragment. After Jetfire and Sam do some breif talking, He teleports the entire group to Egypt and tells them of The Fallen and the Solar Harvester. The Twins then fight and their bickering makes a hole in the wall. Bumblebee blasts the hole and it reveals the Tomb of the Primes. When Sam holds the Matrix of Leadership, it crumbles to dust. He puts this in a sock. At the climax, Simmons, Leo, Skids and Mudflap create a diversion to attract the Decepticons. Unfortunately, it attracts the Constructicons too. Shortly, the Constructicons combine into Devastator. Devastator starts up his vortex grinder with Mudflap getting sucked in. When his brother was thought dead, Mudflap suddenly broke out of Devastator's optic and him and Skids then start beating up the massive Decepticon. Devastator had then knocked them out. He is one of the Autobots to survive.


Deluxe Class Skids (2009)Edit

Japanese ID Number: RA-10

Skids was as part of the second wave of Deluxe Class Revenge of the Fallen figures. He transforms into a dark-green Chevy Beat Concept car with black stripes or either a

Hasbro stock image of Deluxe Class Skids.

black hood. His vehicle form features transparent blue windows. In robot mode, Skids features a Mech-Alive gimmick that makes the fenders on the sides of his chest push out and his head move foward when the front grill is pushed inwards. Moving the head up and down through this gimmick may suggest it's meant to make him appear as though he is talking , but the package only says "Moving Armor Panels". Skids' right arm is bigger than his left, just like his movie counterpart's. His right hand is highly poseable