The Fallen


The Fallen




Staff, telekinetic field


42 ft. tall, 9.2 metric tonnes




His spark was ripped out after his helmet was torn off

Once a Prime, The Fallen had lived on to become The First Decepticon. The Dnyasty of Primes, seven brothers led a peaceful life and constructed a machine called the Solar Harvester. It destroyed suns in order to harvest Energon. The Dynasty of Primes had one rule: Never activate the machine on a life-filled planet. He stands about 42 feet tall and weighs 9.1 tons. In Revenge of the Fallen, The Fallen is portrayed as a Prime who can teleport, use awesome telepathy with only a giant metal wand, and naturally dose himself with flame designs all over his body.

Revenge of the FallenEdit

The Fallen accompanied his brothers to Earth, where the other six Primes had bought the Solar Harvester with them, but they agreed to not use the machine on a life-filled planet, but The Fallen wanted to activate that machine so bad and stole the Matrix of Leadership. That's excatly what started the Great War. Robot fought Robot and many died. When this brother was defeated, the other six Primes went in Egypt and made a tomb of their own bodies to hide the Matrix. The Prime who betrayed his brothers forever beared the name: The Fallen. He then became master of Megatron, and deployed him to Earth to retreive the AllSpark, but Megatron was killed in the Battle of Mission City, reducing the AllSpark to a mere fragment. In 2009 AD, after Megatron's revival, Megatron traveled to the Nemesis, The Fallen's ship where he lay in space, tied to his life-support chair. Starscream was the first one on-screen to say that he "missed" Megatron. A few seconds later, Megatron was angry at Starscream for leaving him to die on Earth. Megatron then saw The Fallen and decided to say that he failed his master and that the AllSpark was destroyed. The Fallen then accepted Megatron's apology and told him that the AllSpark was merely a vessel and that the AllSpark really...was nothing. Megatron asked permission to avenge himself and reclaim the AllSpark, but The Fallen asked for patience, as much as he wanted to go back to that wretched planet where his brothers betrayed him. The Fallen also explained that the only Prime that could make a threat to him was Optimus. Since Optimus would protect Sam, he ordered Megatron to capture Sam. Megatron's plan was partially sucessful: Optimus Prime was killed protecting Sam. Sensing his death, The Fallen arrived on Earth with the other Decepticons and they destroyed an aircraft carrier, as The Fallen claimed that revenge is his and attacked several cities. He and Megatron then tapped into New York's central power station, sending a message to televisions all over the city, demanding Sam Witwicky. Unfortunately, Sam was in Egypt hunting for the Matrix of Leadership, being told that it could revive Optimus Prime. He suceeded, but The Fallen then teleported there moments after Optimus Prime's resurrection at the final battle. He then teleported to the now-uncovered Solar Harvester, thanks to Devastator. He used the Matrix to power the machine. While it charged, The Fallen used his telekinetic powers and destroyed tanks and NEST vehicles. When Optimus fused with Jetfire, Optimus shot at the Solar Harvester and destroyed it. Facing the last Prime, The Fallen challenged Optimus to join his brothers in death, it apparently became official that Prime could defeat The Fallen. On land, The Fallen managed to rip off one of Optimus' thrusters, but Optimus tore The Fallen's helmet off and crushed his face against the pillars and finally ripped his spark out, as Megatron and Starscream watched in horror.


  • According to his toy bio, The Fallen transforms into a Cybertronian jet, but he does not do so in the film.
  • Though barely glimpsed in the film, artist Josh Nizzi designed 13 heads and bodies for all 13 Primes.
  • During San-Diego Comic-Con 2008, Simon Furman claimed that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen would feature a new character called The Fallen.
  • In Transformers Titan Magazines comics, the president's name is Theodore F. Allen
  • The Fallen can speak Spanish.